Los Abuelos de la Nada – Himno de mi corazon

Sobre la palma de mi lengua
vive el himno de mi corazón
siento la alianza mas perfecta
que injusticia a media vos
la vida es un libro útil
para aquel que puede comprender
tengo confianza en la balanza
que inclina mi parecer
Nadie quiere dormirse aquí
algo puedo hacer
tras haber cruzado la mar
te seduciré
por felicidad yo canto
Nada me abruma ni me impide
en este día que te quiera amor
naturalmente mi presente busca
flores es de a dos
nada hay que nada prohíba
ya te veo andar en Libertad
que no se rasgue como seda
el clima de tu corazón
Nadie quiere dormirse aquí
algo debo hacer
tras haber cruzado la mar
te seduciré
solo por amor lo canto.
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Karaoke is a way of singing with tracks of songs following the lyrics of the same printed on a screen or monitor and having all the accompanying musical accompaniment. Etymologically, it comes from the Japanese word kara, which means empty; and oke, Japanese abbreviation of the English word orchestra, orchestra. Which means that the orchestra plays “in a vacuum”, without a singer. This allows anyone to use it as an accompaniment to their singing.

Karaoke on the computer or personal computer. Initially Karaoke could only be enjoyed in specialized rooms with professional sound equipment such as microphones or monitors that showed the lyrics coloring at the tempo of the song, but with the technological advances in the field of personal computers and the appearance of new operating systems. which made it easier for programmers to perform complex computer applications began to appear new solutions which facilitated the entry of karaoke at the domestic level. This page is the true reflection of this!
If you do not know how to play it, watch this How to play the Karaoke
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